About Tevoi

Tivoi is an Emirati company, founded in 2016, to be one of the leading companies in the world of audio recordings and audio entertainment.

Our primary work is to transform books, articles and all written texts into digital audio recordings that enrich the lives of millions of listeners around the world and provide them with a better audio experience.

During the years of work, our services have expanded, and the specializations in which the company operates have multiplied. Our company entered and excelled in many sectors, such as the world of digital publishing, podcasts, writing and composing, children’s stories, and building specialized applications in more than one field.

We have also developed additional services related to business consulting and projects related to people with special needs.

We believe in Tifoy that obtaining real results requires the implementation of work on time and in the right ways and methods, and this means that we put the quality of work in the first place.

We also believe that our success depends on the success of our customers, which is the driving force behind our passion for what we do. We have the experience and tools to see what your projects need.

Tifoy management is made up of a team that combines leadership skills and extensive knowledge in all areas of work. Each member has a different cultural background and professional experiences gained in other fields, and this helps in implementing the work easily, flexibly and with high quality that leads the project to success.

Our vision

.To be the first company in providing distinguished audio content

The message

Spreading and supporting culture in the Arab world, enriching Arab offices, and presenting them with the highest quality to the Arab reader

Special Goals

  • Supporting Arab authors by providing audio and digital publishing services, to reach the spread of books worldwide at the lowest costs.
  • Building a free digital library for Arab people with special needs around the world, which is the company’s ultimate goal to contribute to social responsibility.
  • Providing audio and video content for children, and educational curricula for the Arabic language, to support the Arabic language for Arab children around the world.
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