Audio book recording

Our company has created the service of converting the book into an audio version, as we have created distinctive working mechanisms for all stages of work on the audio book


before recording

We carry out the formation and linguistic proofreading of the book when needed, with special and new mechanisms for selecting narrators appropriate to the requirements of each book, and communicating with the author to obtain impressions and insights about the book.

At this stage, the requirements for the book are also determined, including music, sound effects, and everything necessary for the book, according to our artistic point of view.


during recording 

Recording operations are carried out in our studios using the latest audio equipment, in addition to a distinguished and highly experienced engineering team.


After recording

The processes of matching the audio recording with the text, and all the technical and technical output processes of the audio recording, are carried out with the aim of reaching the audio book in the best way.

We are distinguished by a distinguished team of professional narrators, with high diction experiences, and a solid and accurate Arabic language. Our company’s narrators excelled in reading all kinds of books, from documentaries to specialized books to novels that contain multiple characters.

In our company, we do not see the audio book as a narrator and a microphone, but rather we treat it as an integrated creative work of art. We have achieved successes and were able to compete with all companies and studios that tried to enter the world of Arabic audio books.

Our company was chosen among a large number of companies to record the international Harry Potter series, in Arabic, and our company became the main supplier of Storytel audio books.

We have more than 5,000 audiobooks recorded in our company’s studios.

And the road to success continues.

Audio samples from our recordings


ساعة بيغ بن حين تحرك الزمان
فولاذ التايتانيك لايقهره جبل جليدي..فكيف غرقت؟
أساليب في التحفيز على العمل والانطلاق من جديد.
زودياك مهندس عمليات القتل والحروب النفسية

للحصول على عرض سعر لتسجيل الكتاب الصوتي، الرجاء ارسال المعلومات التالية:

  • Your honorable name.
  • Book name.
  • The nature of the book’s content.
  • The total number of pages of the book.
  • Nationality.
  • Contact phone number (with international code).
  • Email.

To submit a price offer, we need to see the book to know its requirements, so please send the full text of the book, or it is sufficient to send a few (internal) pages of the book to

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